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White matter is one of the two components of the central nervous system and consists mostly of glial cells and myelinated axons that transmit signals from one region of the cerebrum to another and between the cerebrum and lower brain centers. White matter tissue of the freshly cut brain appears pinkish white to the naked eye because myelin is composed largely of lipid tissue veined with capillaries. Its white color is due to its usual preservation in formaldehyde.

White matter is composed of bundles of myelinated nerve cell processes (or axons), which connect various grey matter areas (the locations of nerve cell bodies) of the brain to each other, and carry nerve impulses between neurons. Myelin acts as an insulator, increasing the speed of transmission of all nerve signals.

Image: White matter structure of human brain (taken by MRI).

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Evidence for Plate Tectonics Found on Europa

In a report published September 7 in Nature Geoscience, researchers have provided the first potential evidence of plate tectonics elsewhere in the Universe. “Earth is not unique — we’ve found another body in the solar system with plate tectonics,” says  Simon Kattenhorn of the University of Idaho. “This tells us that this process can happen on more than just rocky planets like Earth.” Researchers had previously found evidence of plate tectonics on Mars, but it looks like those processes ended long ago. 

As io9 reports: 

Researchers Simon Kattenhorn and Louise Prockter observed areas of the icy moon where cracks opened up and where new material came up from underneath the ice, creating new surface areas.

It’s likely that a plate tectonic system is moving old portions of Europa’s surface beneath adjacent plates, similar to subduction zones on Earth. 

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Hoy toca piernas…













Cuando te saltas el dia de piernas una y otra vez

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Mala suerte nivel, volver a tu camión y ver que te lo han rajado

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Doom (Back to Saturn X WAD with Brutal Doom), PC.